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Executive Committee members consists of a committed group of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds.


We are health professionals, professionals from government agencies, business leaders, and industry and community members.

The Men's Resource Centre is always looking for talented individuals that have the capacity to volunteer their time and resources to our cause.


Chief Executive Officer

Grant Westthorp, Chief Executive Officer of the Men’s Resource Centre in Albany, has for over eleven years contributed significantly to the wellbeing of all men in Albany, the Great Southern WA, nationally and now globally. 


Grant fell into the Communities Service area at the tender age of 53, he came off his mountain bike; falling spectacularly he spent the next two months on his back. Being idle for the first time and left alone to think about his life and ponder his legacy, he made the profound decision to give back to the community as soon as he was back on his feet. Having his physical capabilities, which were his livelihood as a Golf Professional and enthusiast, severely limited at the time, Grant was in a position to empathise with other men whose physical and mental health and wellbeing had been compromised. 

His passion and drive to create meaningful, significant and appropriate resources were developed in response to the real-life questions that men raised during the performance of over 8000 Wellness Checks conducted by the Centre. A major focus of the work builds personal resilience, increasing the wellbeing literacy and encourages personal accountability, responsibility and help-seeking behaviour. Furthermore, Grant has utilised all of his networks to develop male-oriented solutions that draw on the expertise and lived experience of men.


Grant authored, the first Men’s Survival Handbook in 2013. Over 23,000 copies have been distributed and requested over the past 6 years. The Survival Handbook morphed into the free Well Man phone app in 2017. One of the highlights of the app is the discreet access, this provides impromptu, contemporaneous availability to information, for men where ever and whenever they want. The free Well Man phone app provides information, practical tips and skills to all men about physical, mental and social wellbeing to better cope with life.

Grant’s commitment and passion towards men’s wellbeing continues to evolve with the vision front of centre being, “to assist all men nationally and globally to live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives”.



Geoffrey grew up in Sydney, NSW, arriving in Perth, WA in 1973. He moved to Albany in 2012, with his Partner Linda, where he worked as a Land Valuer for the WA Government, until early 2016.

Previous occupations include Accountant, Taxi Driver in Kings Cross, TAFE Lecturer,
Census Collector, and Real Estate agent. Semi-retired now, he enjoys Ballroom Dancing, Choral Singing, Bridge, Reading and Gardening.

Part-time work for Amaroo Retirement Village, Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast as well as
Honorary Secretary of the Albany City Dance Club, keeps him in contact with the Community.

Having been interested and involved in men’s issues for many years, it is a pleasure to become involved with The Men’s Resource Centre in Albany



My working life was divided between the Northern Territory, for 26 years, and Western Australia, where I have lived and worked since 1985.  In the NT I spent many years working in Aboriginal communities in remote areas, and in WA I worked in the health sector, in both government and non-government organisations.

I am a graduate of the University of Queensland and Murdoch University, but my degrees were gained out of my personal interests rather than being career-oriented.

I am now retired, married with two children and two grandchildren.  My wife and I moved to the south coast 14 years ago, first to Denmark and then (after 5 years) to Albany.  I have been and continue to be involved in community organisations.  I am a volunteer with the local Foodbank, and my interest in men’s health led me directly to the MRC.


I have worked extensively within the human services sector, particularly in Not for Profit management positions. NFP are the backbone of the community. I am committed to supporting a flourishing community sector.

I have firsthand experience of the great work undertaken by the MRC in mentoring disadvantaged young males and the positive results achieved. The MRC is well placed to address issues experienced by all males globally. I am very happy to contribute to the success of the MRC now and in the future.


Executive Committee

I have a common interest of Men’s Health for myself and my friends and the information that Grant and “Wellman” MRC presents. Having attended a few Men’s Resource Centre events and knowing Grant, I was asked if I would like to contribute assisting with delivering events, I accepted. I participate in a number of activities (individual and club orientated), being Active, Belonging and Committing to activities fits with the Men’s Resource mantra.

By being a part of the MRC group I can extend the reach of the group into my activities groups and associated people. This is one reason why Grant “Ropes” us into the MRC crew, to enable tentacles of access to reach into the community through associated members. At the same time community can find their way to MRC. It’s symbiotic.

While we aren’t trained to directly help people who may find life difficult, being able to refer them to MRC and Grants mentoring is a benefit, otherwise, connecting with MRC Health Checks through MRC associates can facilitate access to help.


Executive Committee

I have lived on the Amazing South Coast for the last 32 years and married since 1974 to Neil. We are blessed with two wonderful sons making their way in this wide world and became a Grandmother in 2018.


I pursued a career in nursing in Denmark and Albany for all that time until retiring in 2018. 


In 2011 I became a registered celebrant and have celebrated the joyous and the saddest moments with over 1000 families. I value community and volunteer at AEC, and have been aware of the role the Men’s Resource Centre plays in our Community since it began. It is an honour to serve on the board.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is the present and indeed a GIFT.


Vice Chairman

Originally from the UK, I moved to Perth with my family in 1993 after 3 years teaching in Brunei.  My diverse background includes 40 years in education and training including teaching in schools, colleges and universities, primarily in vocational education. I have also worked in the fields of apprenticeship and traineeship development, employment and career enhancement and community education.

We moved to Albany in 2005 where I initially had contact with the Men’s Resource Centre while employed at Worklink, and have been voluntarily involved in a number of projects. Being a board member I get to maintain an active involvement which aligns perfectly with my intention to keep fit and healthy in mind and body during ‘retirement’ and help others to do the same. 


Executive Committee

I am committed to assist all men globally to live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives. I am currently an elected Councillor at the City of Albany WA.


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